John Wiese

John Wiese

Kinetic mobile parts

Project Director based in Perth, Western Australia…by day I work with intangibles, innovative technologies that exist in the cyber universe. For balance my remaining time is filled with the tangible, working with steel, stone and light.

Art has proved an excellent outlet for my passion to create…

Steel – Kinetic Art – Sculptural Mobiles
After learning to work stone I had planned to explore sculpture in that medium. But in 2010 I was exposed to an inspirational documentary on Alexander Calder, the famous kinetic artist. The elegant simplicity and engineering mastery of Calder’s work is unmistakable. I was hooked, Calder’s work having an instant and profound impact on me.

Thus kinetic sculptures in the form of mobiles have become my current passion. Three years into my journey of discovery, learning the nuances of steel and balance and I’m finally at a stage where I’m prepared to share my work. Leveraging my engineering background, each mobile is created from steel and high tensile wire. The works are then hand painted to achieve the effect I’m after…artworks that have the uniqueness of a human touch. Just as sandblasting can’t create the chisel travel marks that give V-Cut lettering it’s beauty, my one-off mobiles are easily distinguished from the masses.

Hand carved lettering in slate

Stone – Hand Carved V-Cut Lettering
There is just something magical about the feel of stone under-hand. To chase a path of V-Cut letters across such a stoic material hardly seems possible. The cliche “carved in stone” attests to the timelessness of work by those such as the famous John Stevens Shop in the USA. After messing with hieroglyphics for a time I studied their work and videos, teaching myself this skill from times long past.

Photography - Submarine

Shutter – Photography
It’s all about the light and the moment. The digital age means photography is just the first step to realising great images, with digital workflow playing a significant role in most photographers process. I photograph far more people than landscapes, an obsession with movement and fleeting moments my niche. With people, you never get two photographs exactly the same.